Anta Ladies Black Athletic Ladies Shoes, FTY No. 59H0003

Ladies Shoes for athletics or casual use by ANTA Sports.

Size is US=5, EUR=38, CHN=240
FTY # 59H0003, ART # W26354-3


USB to Phone (Cell / Mobile) Power Extender with Car Adapter

Power your mobile phone via a USB powered device by using this cable connector gadget...

Closer looks at the respective adapter charger plugs
Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Ericsson

The adapter for automobile use

Another look at the USB to Phone Power Adapter Set

Sunny Ware Multi-purpose Plastic Container 80L (Item Code 130)

Multipurpose Plastic Container / Pail by Sunny Ware

Eighty (80) Liter Volume Capacity

Here's what the container handle looks like. The container has two (2) opposite handles.


Finding Your Life Partner by Joseph Prince

Finding Your Life Partner by Joseph Prince, a 5-CD Set Audio Album

The CD album contains the following CDs
1. Part 1 (3-CDs: Approx 2hr 35min)
2. Part 2 (2-CDs: Approx 2hr 17min)


Type G-1 Military Flight JACKET, FLYING, MAN'S

JACKET, FLYING, MAN'S (G-1 Military Flight Jacket)
Intermediate, Type G-1
Size 38
MIL-J-7823D (WP)
DSA 100-69-C-1545
The Martin Lane Co., Inc.

Item Description 
The jacket's leather body is in excellent condition. It's original mouton fur collar & heavy-duty main zipper are still intact. It sports a U.S.N. (United States Navy) perforation on its wind flap. There have been no repairs, manipulations, patches sewn in, or deviations whatsoever to the item. This particular model was made popular by the motion picture "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise. This vintage & collector's item's date of manufacture is circa 1966 wherein the previous owner was a war veteran who had the chance to acquire this while he was still living.

Take a closer look at the mouton collar, heavy-duty zipper, & perforated wind-flap

Minor wear & tear:
  • the right hand cuff has 2 stretch holes measuring approximately 1inch & 1cm, but on the 1st layer only

  • the inside pocket button has been dislodged from position & locked itself together with the top button

A close-up on the manufacturer's tag

One more look at the United States Navy (USN) Aviator's Jacket, Type G-1


TCL 21" Truflat Television Model No. TCL-21189U

TCL 21" TRUFLAT TV. Blue Dot 181 Channel Cable Ready 

181 Channel Cable Ready. Calendar. NTSC-ready. Smart-Timer. Child Lock. Program Lock. Favorite 5-Channel Recall. Curtain Power On.

Quick Specs
TV Receiving: NTSC-M, PAL M/N
Closed Caption: ss15.119/FCC
Channel Coverage: VHF: 2-13; UHF: 14-69; CATV: 2-13, a-w, w+1~W+84, A-5~A-1,5A
Antenna Input: VHF/UHF/CATV 75OHM Unbalanced (F-Type)
CRT Size: 510MM (Visible)
Video Input / Output: 75OHM 1.0Vp-p, RCA
Audio Input: 10K OHM 0.5 Vrms, high impedance
Audio Output 1K OHM 0.5 Vrms
Audio Output Power: > 3W+3W
Operating Voltage: 110-240V~50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 80W
Dimensions (mm): 610 X 456 X 500
Weight: 24Kg

Front View showing the built-in control panel (non-remote)

 Additional Ports for Video & Audio (Left & Right)


Hush Puppies Men's Shoes (Black)

Black Men's Dress Loafer Shoes Bravo 93841 by Hush Puppies

Model: Bravo 93841
Color: Black
US 10 (Male)
UK 09
EUR 43
CM 28.5

A side-view shot of the pair:

An inside look at one of the shoes showing the manufacturer's specification mark:

The pair's soles (unused)

Another look at the pair:

Additional emphasis on the brand new shoes:

Playing with positioning:

A shot emphasis on the Hush Puppies Tag:


Carrier 0.5 horse-power Window Room Air Conditioner (WRAC)

Carrier 0.5 horse-power WRAC
Window-type Air-conditioning unit
Energy efficient rated at ~11 EEF (energy efficiency ratio)

An illustration on the bio-active filtration system:

The control panel of the item:

This item includes a built-in receptacle outlet (see image below) that allows you to plug another appliance (i.e. radio or electric fan) on the item's power cord. For example: when the aircon automatically turns off after the desired period set via the timer feature, the plugged appliance or electric fan will turn on. The fan continually ventilates the room & increases savings on electricity since the aircon is already off. Note that the attached appliance will not operate while the aircon is "On".

An illustration on the cleansing filter feature:

Front View:



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