Type G-1 Military Flight JACKET, FLYING, MAN'S

JACKET, FLYING, MAN'S (G-1 Military Flight Jacket)
Intermediate, Type G-1
Size 38
MIL-J-7823D (WP)
DSA 100-69-C-1545
The Martin Lane Co., Inc.

Item Description 
The jacket's leather body is in excellent condition. It's original mouton fur collar & heavy-duty main zipper are still intact. It sports a U.S.N. (United States Navy) perforation on its wind flap. There have been no repairs, manipulations, patches sewn in, or deviations whatsoever to the item. This particular model was made popular by the motion picture "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise. This vintage & collector's item's date of manufacture is circa 1966 wherein the previous owner was a war veteran who had the chance to acquire this while he was still living.

Take a closer look at the mouton collar, heavy-duty zipper, & perforated wind-flap

Minor wear & tear:
  • the right hand cuff has 2 stretch holes measuring approximately 1inch & 1cm, but on the 1st layer only

  • the inside pocket button has been dislodged from position & locked itself together with the top button

A close-up on the manufacturer's tag

One more look at the United States Navy (USN) Aviator's Jacket, Type G-1

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