Hush Puppies Men's Shoes (Black)

Black Men's Dress Loafer Shoes Bravo 93841 by Hush Puppies

Model: Bravo 93841
Color: Black
US 10 (Male)
UK 09
EUR 43
CM 28.5

A side-view shot of the pair:

An inside look at one of the shoes showing the manufacturer's specification mark:

The pair's soles (unused)

Another look at the pair:

Additional emphasis on the brand new shoes:

Playing with positioning:

A shot emphasis on the Hush Puppies Tag:


Carrier 0.5 horse-power Window Room Air Conditioner (WRAC)

Carrier 0.5 horse-power WRAC
Window-type Air-conditioning unit
Energy efficient rated at ~11 EEF (energy efficiency ratio)

An illustration on the bio-active filtration system:

The control panel of the item:

This item includes a built-in receptacle outlet (see image below) that allows you to plug another appliance (i.e. radio or electric fan) on the item's power cord. For example: when the aircon automatically turns off after the desired period set via the timer feature, the plugged appliance or electric fan will turn on. The fan continually ventilates the room & increases savings on electricity since the aircon is already off. Note that the attached appliance will not operate while the aircon is "On".

An illustration on the cleansing filter feature:

Front View:


How Addicted You Are With Facebook (Quiz Result)

I was amused by this very quick 15-question quiz created by "The Oatmeal" to find out how addicted you are with Facebook. See below at what percentage I got...

Do comment & share your score in this post, too!

How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

I seriously thought I'd get a much higher score. Let's leave it at that =)



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