Carrier 0.5 horse-power Window Room Air Conditioner (WRAC)

Carrier 0.5 horse-power WRAC
Window-type Air-conditioning unit
Energy efficient rated at ~11 EEF (energy efficiency ratio)

An illustration on the bio-active filtration system:

The control panel of the item:

This item includes a built-in receptacle outlet (see image below) that allows you to plug another appliance (i.e. radio or electric fan) on the item's power cord. For example: when the aircon automatically turns off after the desired period set via the timer feature, the plugged appliance or electric fan will turn on. The fan continually ventilates the room & increases savings on electricity since the aircon is already off. Note that the attached appliance will not operate while the aircon is "On".

An illustration on the cleansing filter feature:

Front View:

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